Dental Treatment and Appliances

Participating Dentists

Cardholders are entitled to all necessary routine and emergency dental treatment and/or full denture treatment and appliances directly from dentists who participate in the Dental Treatment Services Scheme (D.T.S.S.) operated by the HSE. A list of participating dentists is available from your Hepatitis C Liaison Officer.

To avail of services from a participating dentist, the HAA cardholder need only present his/her HAA Card to the dentist. Before you leave the dentist's surgery, you will be asked to sign a form that will enable the dentist to be paid for the consultation. Your dentist should write your prescriptions on a private prescription form (not on the form used for medical card prescriptions). You are then entitled to have these prescriptions dispensed by a pharmacist.

Dentists who do not participate in the Scheme

If the dentist of your choice participates in the D.T.S.S. s/he must provide you with services at the agreed D.T.S.S. rates. If your dentist does not participate in the D.T.S.S. you can continue routine treatment with this dentist, provided you have the prior approval of the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer. Hepatitis C Liaison Officers will look sympathetically at such applications, particularly if you have been attending the dentist for some time or there is no D.T.S.S.-participating dentist in your local area.

Dental Treatments Covered

The following are the different types of treatments, which are covered by the scheme:

  • Oral Examination;
  • Scaling and treatment of mild gum conditions;
  • Routine Fillings;
  • Extractions (including surgical);
  • Root canal treatment (front teeth upper / lower);
  • Amputation of roots;
  • X-rays;
  • Dentures (including repairs).

For more serious conditions your dentist may refer you to an appropriate expert for investigation and/or treatment.

Other Dental Treatments

As well as the routine dental treatments described above, other treatments might be provided in certain circumstances, with the prior agreement of the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer, who will be guided by the advice of the HSE's Principal Dental Surgeon. Treatments which are considered as cosmetic, such as crowns or bridges, are generally not covered. Orthodontic treatment is not covered if it is solely for cosmetic purposes. There might be instances where orthodontic treatment is required for other reasons, and the HSE's Principal Dental Surgeon or Orthodontic Consultant will have the final say in deciding on whether it is eligible for refund or not. In some circumstances, the HSE might decide to refund part of the cost, but not the full amount.

If you wish to have non-routine treatments considered for payment, your dentist should make a schedule of treatment and give a quotation for the cost of this treatment. You should submit this schedule of treatment and quotation to the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer, who will refer the papers to the Principal Dental Surgeon in the HSE for decision. In the case of non-routine dental treatments which have been approved and completed, the invoice/receipt should be forwarded directly to the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer.

In summary, any dental treatments which are medically necessary are covered. If you have any doubt as to whether a treatment is medically necessary or not, please check with the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer before incurring any expense. The Liaison Officer will seek the advice of the Principal Dental Surgeon or Orthodontic Consultant.

If you have any particular difficulty with any aspect of the scheme you should contact the relevant Hepatitis C Liaison Officer. If necessary, the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer will refer problems to the HSE's Principal Dental Surgeon for advice.

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