General Practitioner Services

HAA cardholders are entitled to all general practitioner (GP) medical and surgical services, in relation to all medical conditions, provided by a registered medical practitioner chosen by the cardholder.

This service is provided by all registered GPs, whether they are members of the General Medical Services (GMS) scheme or not. Doctors who are members of the GMS scheme provide services to medical card patients, however the Health (Amendment) Act scheme is entirely separate.

You can attend any registered GP of your choice. You do not have to go to the same GP every time you visit a doctor if you do not want to (although for the sake of your health care it is usually a good idea if there is one GP who has primary responsibility for providing services to you). If you wish to change your regular GP and start attending another, you have the right to do so.

To avail of GP services the HAA cardholder need only present his/her HAA Card to the GP. Before you leave the GP's surgery, you will be asked to sign a form (an STC / Special Treatment Cover form) that will enable the GP to be paid for the consultation.

Your GP should write your prescriptions on a private prescription form (not on the form used for medical card prescriptions). You are then entitled to have these prescriptions dispensed by a pharmacist.

Hospital consultants in the designated Liver Units have participated in recent years in the continued education of GPs and other health professionals with regard to Hepatitis C. If you wish, your GP is welcome to contact your consultant or the nursing staff in the Liver Unit to discuss any aspect of your treatment or any matters of concern.

Out of hours GP services?

Should you require a GP out of hours there are many existing telephone lines and services available in your area for out of hours GP's and on-call doctors. Your HAA card entitles you to be covered for these services, however, in the unlikely even that the GP on call does not have the facility to record your HAA card, you will be refunded by your Liaison Officer for any expense incurred.

While vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, if required, are available from your designated hospital, they can also be provided by your GP under the HAA Card if you prefer. You will usually have to arrange this in advance with the GP of your choice.

Vaccinations required prior to travelling abroad are now covered by the HAA Card. These vaccinations can be administered by GPs, but most GPs will not routinely carry stocks of these vaccines and will have to order them for you. As a result, travel vaccinations will usually only be available by prior appointment. If you are planning to travel abroad, you are advised to check this with your GP well in advance.

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