Hearing Tests and Aids (Aural Services)

Hearing tests and aids (sometimes referred to as aural services) are available to HAA cardholders.

If you have difficulty with your hearing, you are advised to contact your GP or hepatologist in the first instance, so that any medical problems can be ruled out. If necessary, your hepatologist or GP might decide to refer you to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist. Alternatively, you might be referred to an audiology service for further investigation and treatment, or for the supply of a hearing aid. In general, this service is provided by the HSE's own professionals but, in some cases, it can be provided by private practitioners, who have an arrangement with the HSE or where the service required is not available within the public health service.

If any cardholder requires hearing tests and/or hearing aids, s/he should initially contact the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer for details of how to access the service, as arrangements for audiology services vary from region to region.

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