Home Nursing & Care Service

(the Service specified in Section 60 of the Health Act, 1970)

In 2006 the HSE began developing a co-ordinated approach to home nursing services for HAA cardholders. This involved appointing a dedicated person within the greater Dublin area whose role is to establish and develop a specialist home nursing service to all HAA cardholders residing within the greater Dublin area with a view to extending the co-ordinating role nationally. It should be emphasised that requests and referrals for home nursing services as one of the HAA statutory entitlements will be facilitated throughout the country by the HSE.
All referrals for home nursing services should be facilitated through the office of the clinical nurse coordinator in the greater Dublin area and outside this area should be brought to the attention of the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer in the first instance. These referrals can come from the Liver Consultant in the relevant hepatology unit, the client themselves or their family, clients support group, liver transplant coordinator, GP, Public Health Nurse, social worker, Hepatitis C Liaison Officer etc. However, referrals from non-clinicians will be brought to the attention of the hepatology team so that a shared care plan can be developed in collaboration with the relevant health care professionals.

Following referral, the clinical nurse coordinator/designated HSE nurse will carry out an assessment in consultation with the client and family, from which it will be decided what type of care plan is required and fits in appropriately with the clients needs. The home care plan will be an individualised, client focused, flexible and easily accessible plan of care which meets the assessed needs at any given time of each client and which is reviewed on a regular basis to reflect changing needs. The aim of the careplan is to provide and support client focused care in the community to enable the individual to be cared for at home and to reduce unnecessary admissions to hospital. Critical to the success of the care plan will be the involvement of the client and where relevant, his/her family/carer, with the professionals in determining what supports are needed in each individual case.

From time to time it may arise that the circumstances of referral may not give ample time for a full care at home plan to be put in place immediately, and in such a case, services will be put in place as quickly as possible. An interim care package may be put in place while a full needs assessment is taking place. Each home care plan will be monitored by the clinical nurse coordinator or designated nurse with responsibility for arranging home nursing care and will be reviewed at regular intervals and as client's needs alter.

As the establishment of this dedicated home nursing service is still in its development stage it is important that you link in with your Hepatitis C Liaison Officer and Hepatitis C Nurse Specialist to determine what is available to you in your area and as the service develops you will be notified of arrangements in place locally for you.

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