Pharmacy Services

Prescribed Drugs and Medicines

HAA cardholders are entitled to prescribed drugs and medicines without charge. In order to avail of this service you should present your HAA Card to the pharmacy of your choice along with the relevant prescription.

Your GP, dentist or consultant should write your prescriptions on a private prescription form (not on the form used for medical card prescriptions).

You will be required to sign a receipt for the items dispensed to allow the pharmacist to be paid. Pharmacists are paid through the PCRS (Primary Care Re-imbursement Service), which operates on behalf of the HSE, and occasionally arrangements are made by the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer to recoup the pharmacist directly for certain items. All pharmacists have been advised that if there are any questions regarding the recoupment of individual items, these should be brought to the attention of either the PCRS, or to the relevant Hepatitis C Liaison Officer, and not to the HAA cardholder. Every effort will be made by the HSE and the PCRS to sort out any problems that might arise without recourse to the individual cardholder if at all possible.

You do not have to attend a local pharmacy, or attend the same pharmacist each time you get a prescription dispensed if you choose not to.

Cosmetic type toiletries (eg perfume etc) are not covered with the HAA card, however this does not include creams and lotions used for certain skin conditions. If you have any questions regarding which items are available to you with your HAA card, you should discuss with your Liaison Officer in the first instance.

High Tech Drugs

The High Tech drugs scheme provides for the dispensing of high tech medicines through community pharmacies. These medicines will usually only be prescribed or initiated by a hospital consultant, eg anti rejection drugs, chemotherapy and growth hormones) In most cases, your hospital will make arrangements for these items to be supplied through the pharmacy of your choice. This does not have to be your local pharmacist or the pharmacy which you usually attend.
Because special arrangements have to be made for High Tech drugs to be supplied to the pharmacist, you will need to notify the hospital if you wish to change to another pharmacy. If for some reason it is not possible for your drugs to be supplied through a pharmacy, the medication will be supplied through the community pharmacist in your HSE area.

Aids and Appliances

You are entitled to any medical or surgical aids and appliances prescribed by your GP or consultant. You are also entitled to any aids and appliances that might be recommended for you by the HSE 's occupational therapy services or public health nursing service.

In some cases, medical and surgical aids and appliances might be stocked by pharmacies and can be obtained on foot of a prescription in the same way as drugs and medicines. However, most aids and appliances are specialist in nature and are not routinely available from local pharmacies. In many cases such items can be obtained from the HSE's community services or they can order the item for you. In case of difficulties, the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer will assist.

You are entitled to receive any necessary aids and appliances under your HAA card, regardless of whether they are required because of your Hepatitis C, or for another condition.

There is also a disabled persons grant scheme administered by local authorities in most areas which provides assistance in the form of a grant to any individual in carrying out house modifications etc that may be required as a result of a disability. Further information available from the local authority in your area, the scheme is NOT administered by the HSE.

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