Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapists are specialised members of the healthcare profession who use methods such as exercise, manipulation, and massage to treat pain, injury and disability associated with a wide variety of conditions and illnesses that can affect people of all ages.

HAA cardholders can avail of private physiotherapy services from any chartered physiotherapist. Cardholders can also avail of hydrotherapy services when provided by a chartered physiotherapist, or other services such as chiropractic or osteopathy. The cost of these services will be recouped by the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer, provided that a referral for such services has been obtained by the cardholder from a GP or hospital Consultant.

Should a cardholder require the services of a chartered physiotherapist please contact your Hepatitis C Liaison Officer for a list. These physiotherapists have agreed to invoice the HSE directly. You can also attend any chartered physiotherapist of your choice, and submit your invoice directly to the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer for payment. If you wish, the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer will contact the physiotherapist on your behalf to check whether he/she wishes to be added to the list, or if not, will agree to bill the HSE directly for your own treatment. If the physiotherapist is unwilling, or if you would prefer that the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer did not get involved, you are still free to attend this physiotherapist and have the cost recouped. You do not have to attend a local chartered physiotherapist, or to continue attending the same physiotherapist if you choose not to.

If you attend a chartered physiotherapist other than the ones on the HSE list, you should be careful to check that he/she is professionally qualified. Hepatitis C Liaison Officers will not recoup the cost of physiotherapy or any other associated services provided by an unqualified or unregistered practitioner. If in doubt, check with the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer before incurring any expense.

The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists is the professional body representing chartered physiotherapists in Ireland. You can find out more information on physiotherapy in Ireland, including contact information for chartered physiotherapists nationwide through their web site or by contacting the Society (Tel: 402 2148 or e-mail:

If you prefer, physiotherapy services can also be availed of through your hospital, on referral from your consultant.

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