Liaison Officers

Who are the Liaison Officers and what is their function?

Each of the HSE areas has appointed a Hepatitis C Liaison Officer whose role it is to ensure that persons who have contracted Hepatitis C from the administration of blood or blood products within the State receive the services they are entitled to under the terms of the 1996 Act. The Hepatitis C Liaison Officers are responsible for co-ordinating and assisting you in accessing primary care services only; these are the services that are provided outside of a hospital setting. There is also a Hepatitis C Liaison Officer within the State whose remit extends to liasing with all of the 8 designated hospitals and who has an oversight role nationally in relation to all aspects of the delivery of Hepatitis C services. Contact details for all of the Liaison Officers are listed on this website. The designated hospitals also have their own Hepatitis C Liaison Officers; in most (though not all cases) the Hepatitis C Liaison Officers are nurses in the Hepatology Units. In case of queries about hospital services, the hospitals' Hepatitis C Liaison Officer/ Nurse should be contacted in the first instance.

The Hepatitis C Liaison Officers in the HSE and hospitals are there to help you, and will give you further advice or assistance in respect of the services you are entitled to. The support groups also listed on this website will be happy to give you advice as well. If you are in any doubt about your entitlements or are having difficulty in accessing services you should contact your LiaisonOfficer in the first instance.

HSE Liaison Officer Contact Details

You can find all contact details here.

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